Our Solutions

Parking and Traffic Management

SMI Technologies has a smart, innovative parking management solution that can drastically increase efficiency and profitability which is applicable to on-street and off-street parking.

In addition this provides valuable data for optimized urban planning and traffic (law) enforcement. Our solutions makes use of digital reading/scanning of vehicle plate numbers using either handheld devices or intelligent cameras with GPS functionality mounted on a moving scooter or motorbike (Scanscooter).

Intelligent Scanning

SMI Technologies has intelligent scanning solutions for multiple purposes such as, traffic monitoring, speed enforcement, container recognition and other artificial intelligent monitoring practices involving AI cameras.

System Components

Parking and Traffic Management

Automated Parking Payment Process

Implement an automatic parking payment solution for On-street and Off-street parking locations in the city.

  • Scan License Plate
  • Process Payment
  • Issue of Receipt
  • Synch to Central Parking Management System

Illegal Parking Digital Enforcement

Detect Illegally Parked Cars using Scanscooter.

Parking Guidance System

System provides information on available parking spaces to drivers.

Digital Maps Of City Parking Spaces

Each parking space will be digitized and linked to digital maps like google maps or open-street maps.

Intelligent Scanning


System’s Benefits

  • Increased revenue
  • Build more infrastructure from higher revenue obtained
  • Regulate the use of scarce and valuable parking resources
  • Manage traffic jams with controlled parking
  • Make it easier for all citizens to get space in the city for parking
  • Simplify the city planning and control of car movement
  • Environment control (air quality)
  • Keep the city clean by getting up to date and latest information of city roads and streets
  • Reduce illegal parking and unnecessary people who came to the city with The cars
  • Optimize traffic flow and regulation
  • Smart monitoring of traffic, speed and toll using artificial intelligence