Mlimani City Mall

SMI Technologies has successfully designed, implemented, and is now running the local operations of a new car parking system for Mlimani City Shopping Mall, the largest shopping mall in Tanzania.

The new car parking system uses a combination of smart sensors, software, and artificial intelligence to manage parking. The system is also used to issue parking tickets and collect payments.

The implementation of the new car parking system has resulted in the following benefits for Mlimani City Shopping Mall:

  • Improved efficiency: The system has made it easier for drivers to find parking, which has reduced congestion in the parking lot.
  • Increased revenue: The system has generated more revenue for the mall by allowing drivers to pay for parking using a variety of methods, including cash, credit card, and mobile phone.
  • Enhanced security: The system provides a record of all vehicle movements in and out of the parking lot, which can be used to improve security and investigate crimes.
  • Reduced operating costs: The system has helped to reduce operating costs for the mall by automating many of the tasks that were previously performed manually.

Overall, the implementation of the new car parking system has been a major improvement to the operations of Mlimani City Shopping Mall. It has made it faster, more convenient, and more secure for shoppers to park their vehicles.

The new car parking system is a valuable investment that can help to improve the operations of shopping malls and other large facilities.